The Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation® is a membership association created especially for CDI professionals to bring together people of various backgrounds into one organization. Members share the latest news, resources and strategies to implement successful CDI programs and achieve professional growth. Whether you are starting a new program or improving an existing one, you'll want to access industry experts as well as interact with a network of your peers.

For just $125*, a one-year membership includes:

  • Unrestricted access to the AIHCD Web site, including an online tools and forms library full of documents you can download and review, and archives of featured articles.
  • Participation in the association Online Community. Network with your CDI peers. Share and discuss challenges and solutions with your colleagues. The online community also includes a comphrehensive CDI Specialists forum.
  • News, and regulatory updates in our e-mail newsletter.
  • Access to the AIHCD elearning library for online courses offering coding and case management continuing education credits.
  • Access to our AIHCD Blog, with the latest information in the field of CDI Integrity and Documentation.
  • A special discounted rate for the annual AIHCD  conferences.
  • Access to the AIHCD Marketplace, where you can purchase AIHCD Branded merchandise, allowing you to display your membership proudly as a recognized professional in your field. 



Existing Members:

Membership Renewal


Associate Member Annual Fee is just $50.00 (An Associate Member is a non-voting, non-credentialed member who is an approved healthcare student of a professional training program.)  **Must include with the application an official letter from the Program Registrar or Department Chair confirming the applicant’s enrollment in the professional school.