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Dr. Betty Bibbins is the Founder and Chief Executive Physician Educator of DocuComp® LLC, the first nationally recognized program that provides Clinical Documentation Specialist education and certification for hospital Clinical Staff (Hospitalists, Attending Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners) and Support personnel (HIMs, Coders, RNs, LPNs, Case Managers).

Betty has been consistently successful in introducing new ideas in continuing education development to enhance the Attending Physician and graduate medical (Resident) comprehension of the “Business of Medicine”.

Dr. Bibbins has authored numerous articles in publications such as:, Journal of the Health Care Compliance, Health Care Compliance Association Magazine. 

She has also provided numerous speaking presentations in local, regional and national venues such as: Tenn. HIMA, Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Annual Institutes, and HCCA Physician Practice Conferences, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Annual National Institute, Physician Hospitals of America (PHA), Hospital Medical Staff & Departmental Meetings, and Local Medical Society Meetings.

There is a lot going on in our world today. Let us keep others in our thoughts…… Otherwise, all continues to be quiet on the practice front.  We all are working diligently to continue to provide quality-of-care to our patients and balance the fine line of communicating that care to 3rd party reviewers explicitly & concisely. As 2015 comes to its wonderful, festive finale there are many (at times overwhelming) details to our practices of medicine that we must keep...
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Well, everyone we've survived October 1, 2015 !!!

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Well, everyone we've survived October 1, 2015 !!!
Some have equated October 1st, as being similar to Y2K - the non-occurrence...and I must admit the Earth did not get swallowed up and disappear from the universe. We are all still here. It has been a quiet transition, and I'm so happy for that. The stressors within healthcare were truly palpable - especially regarding physician documentation and coding.   Hooray for us. We survived.   We must continue to strive to become familiar with the new language of ICD-10 because i...
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Looking Forward to the Future... Which begins October 1, 2015
html { font-family: "Color Emoji", "Calibri", "Segoe UI", "Meiryo", "Microsoft YaHei UI", "Microsoft JhengHei UI", "Malgun Gothic", "sans-serif"; } We are only about one month away from  implementation of ICD -10. Finally!!   Documentation specificity has been needed for many years throughout healthcare. ICD-9 outgrew the descriptive clinical terms that captures severity of illness and medical necessitymany years ago. We should be very happy that the specifici...
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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Pt.1 - Welcome to Population Medicine
With the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) recently being upheld by the Supreme Court we must now start working toward the goals of this future direction of healthcare. Namely population medicine and health. Let's begin to look at the potential directions of the future of healthcare that we must now embrace. The Affordable Care Act's premise is to increase the availability of health care coverage to make it more affordable, which it increases accessibility for all US citize...
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