Well, everyone we've survived October 1, 2015 !!!

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Well, everyone we've survived October 1, 2015 !!!

Some have equated October 1st, as being similar to Y2K - the non-occurrence...and I must admit the Earth did not get swallowed up and disappear from the universe. We are all still here.

It has been a quiet transition, and I'm so happy for that. The stressors within healthcare were truly palpable - especially regarding physician documentation and coding.


Hooray for us. We survived.


We must continue to strive to become familiar with the new language of ICD-10 because it will be anywhere from 1 to 3 months before we start getting feedback, from outside reviewers and regulators, on how well we are doing in compliance and appropriateness of capturing medical necessity and quality of care. It will be an entire year before Evaluation and Management (E & M) claims will begin to be reviewed for denials.


Let's keep up the great communication of care being provided so that our standards and quality will be recognized. If I have one suggestion. It's that that we, as providers, go talk to our coders to see if they are perceiving our documentation skills to be what they need to do their jobs well. Once we start communicating with our coders and auditors internally, then there will be a lesser chance that will have to be interacting with external auditors – in the form of denials and recoupments.


Continue to do well. The sun is shining today!


Continue to send your feedback on life in ICD-10. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Betty B

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