Looking Forward to the Future... Which begins October 1, 2015

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Looking Forward to the Future... Which begins October 1, 2015

We are only about one month away from  implementation of ICD -10. Finally!!


Documentation specificity has been needed for many years throughout healthcare. ICD-9 outgrew the descriptive clinical terms that captures severity of illness and medical necessitymany years ago. We should be very happy that the specificity of ICD -10 allows healthcare providers to be able to rise above the generalizations of severity-of-illness, and to specifically capture the immediate and currentseverity-of-illness of each principal and secondary diagnosis that a patient may have. With this increased freedom that ICD-10 allows providers to truly be able to capture acuteness or chronicity, improving or worsening of disease process, inclusive comprehensive depth of injury and / or trauma, and just being able to communicate these within the medical record should be a cause for each to cheer, and not fear, it's arrival throughout healthcare.


As we move forward with greater explicitness in diagnoses, greater and more effective therapeutics, new management options (such as DNA markers, that did not even exist a generation ago) and increasing clinical metrics that didn't even exist in the past, but do today and will, more so, in the near future – can all be addressed with ICD - 10. Let us look forward to this as a new, 21st century option for communicating quality of healthcare -  and not be trying to maintain the past. 


Our generation barely knew what a computer was 30 years ago. Imagine how healthcare will look to us and to future providers 30 years from now. Let us embrace change and be a part of it. We don't need to accept what is changing - or follow without question. We need to be active participants in molding the un-chartered future of this  brave new world medicine. Actively help to build it in the most positive and impactful system, and hopefully, through all visions working together we will  care for one another, make this the best that it can and will be. Let us celebrate the future because the future is now.

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